Best Superyacht Destinations to Explore in 2023

By Heather Collier

As the year draws to a close, we take a look at some of the most desirable destinations to charter a superyacht in 2023.


Antigua is part of the lush island group known as the Leeward Islands, named for their prevailing winds which blow from the east. This is a spectacular tropical hideaway with landscapes attracting a well-heeled crowd with its stunning white sand beaches, turquoise waters and lavish resorts, all intertwined with charming harbour towns and fishing villages.

Antigua is now seen as one of the hidden gems of the Caribbean, and is slowly drawing in visitors from all corners of the globe who are in seek of private tranquillity.

It is the largest, most developed, and most prosperous of the Leeward Islands. The capital city of St. John’s in Antigua is a bustling town bursting with a vibrant social scene of premier restaurants serving delicious island cuisine and an eclectic mix of nightclubs to suit the taste of every passionate night owl.

Antigua Sailing Week, which takes place from the end of April to the beginning of May, is a world-class regatta which brings many important vessels and esteemed sailors to the area to compete.

Antigua is among the most beautiful locations in the world and stands as one of the foremost destinations in regards to superyacht charter. Every December Antigua plays host to one of the most prestigious charter events in the superyacht industry, showcasing a fleet of the finest superyachts on the charter market.

Set against the stunning backdrop of Nelson’s Dockyard Marina in English Harbour, the Falmouth Harbour and the Antigua Yacht Club Marina, the Antigua Yacht Show attracts scores of visitors from across the globe to bathe in the glorious sun, sea and sands of Antigua whilst taking in the sights of the most sought after yachts on the water.


Relax, unwind and enjoy the breath of fresh air that is Barbuda island. Off the beaten path of the tourist hordes, Barbuda is the sleepy sister island of Antigua and the go-to spot for travellers seeking some island isolation in a setting of utter beauty and bliss.

With only one town and a total population of under 2000 inhabitants, Barbuda is the epitome of remote island bliss. This undeveloped island is a haven for uninterrupted wildlife, secluded coves and bays and awe-inspiring natural beauty. For travellers seeking some respite from the busier Caribbean hub of Antigua, Barbuda is just a short sail away and the perfect destination for some natural repose and relaxation.

Although there is no marina on the island, the beautiful anchorages and choice of stunning mooring spots along Barbuda's small but breathtaking coastline are endless. Barbuda is best known for its spectacular pink sand beaches, most prominent of which is its centre-point Pink Beach offering 8 miles of pristine pink sand. Stroll uninterrupted for hours taking in this incredible natural phenomenon - the rosy pink glow is a natural result of crushed coral mixed in the sand.

Another of Barbuda's alluring attractions is its magnificent frigate bird colony native to the island. A natural bird watcher's paradise, Barbuda is home to the largest colony of these fascinating pink-chested birds in the Western hemisphere, causing a sight to behold in the local Frigate Bird Sanctuary. The colony can be found in Codrington Lagoon, which is only accessible by a short boat trip with a local guide.

Barbuda is a popular spot with honeymooners and those seeking an escape from the stress and fast-paced nature of daily life. Here, amongst the endless pink sand beaches and jaw-dropping caves, time can stand still for a moment.


With an eclectic mix of unique experiences, there are memories to be made in Australia that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Escape to a country that in one moment will leave you in awe at its untouched natural beauty, and the next throw you into the very heart of the some of the world’s most exhilarating events. Beaches are more than a spectacular blend of sand and sea in this colourful country; they’re a lifestyle and inhabit every piece of Australia’s coastal character, from the boho fashion of the locals to the delicious seafood cuisine served in waterfront restaurants.

Australia boasts an all-year-round cruising calendar, outstanding tourism experiences and world-renowned refit and maintenance facilities that welcome the global superyacht fleet. For those willing to indulge their inner hedonist, Australia is the ultimate superyacht playground.

From the stunning coral reefs of Queensland, to the spectacular waterways of New South Wales and the crocodile-filled waterholes of the Northern Territory, Australia is a truly unique yachting experience. The kaleidoscopic colours of the Great Barrier Reef are the pinnacle of any diver’s fantasy. From Port Douglas down to Bundaberg stretches 300,000 square kilometres of coral cays, brimming with marine treasures and exquisite sea life. There is simply no better destination for water-based activities.

However, not all of the adventure is concentrated at sea. Step inland and discover Australia’s diverse flora and fauna, along with a rich Aboriginal culture. Stop off to play with kangaroos, koalas and wombats or sample fine wines at one of Australia’s exemplary vineyards. The rugged beauty of The Kimberley and Tropical North Queensland presents the opportunity to learn something new. Immerse yourself in 50,000-year-old Aboriginal rock art, brush up on your bush tucker skills or get an awe-inspiring perspective of it all from the sky.

Sydney is perfect for a long weekend of luxury comforts, fine dining, and high-end shopping. New Year’s Eve onboard a superyacht with the backdrop of Sydney’s Opera House and Harbour Bridge is certainly one for every owner’s bucket list. Head down to Melbourne, the events capital, for some of the world’s best events.

From the Harbour, you are a short tender cruise from the major sporting events held throughout the year, including the Grand Prix, Melbourne Cup and Australian Open. Alternatively, a short walk down the newly renovated dockside will bring you to the Marvel Stadium, where leading artists flock to perform.


An emerald island with incomparable natural beauty, wonderful sunlight and unique hospitality, Rhodes is the ultimate luxurious charter destination offering everything your heart desires. Brimming with mythological and historical stories to tell, Rhodes is widely accepted as one of the most stunning island hotspots and jewel of the Med. With a hospitable local community of residents, Rhodes invites travellers from far and wide to meet, feel and experience the natural beauty, the cultural identity and the unique hospitality of this Dodecanese island.

Past meets present in seamless harmony in Rhodes' bustling city centre. Only here will you find castles, neoclassical buildings and Italian architecture all along the same street. Imposing Italian buildings dominate the seafront of Rhodes, a modern cosmopolitan city. 

Lindos, a village with unique beauty with the Acropolis of Lindos, dominates the top of the rock where the settlement is built amphitheatrically. Sights such as the temple of Lindia Athena built in the 4th century BC, the headquarters of the Knights, the church of Agios Ioannis, the port of Agios Pavlos will impress you.

Visit the great Captain Houses with the courtyards with pebble mosaics, the wooden painted ceilings and the Lindian dishes on the walls. The village is brimming with souvenir shops, a wonderful labyrinth of cobbled streets, restaurants and bars that make Lindos so full of life both during the day and well into the night.

"We have a lot in Antigua to help and service the yachting industry. Everything is conveniently located dockside, and there's also Barbuda! Which is a hidden gem in the Caribbean. Barbuda is one of the most unspoilt countries I think left in the Caribbean. We have some new developments going there too. We have a packed calendar coming up."

Alan Hosam, Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority


"We have a lot in Antigua to help and service the yachting industry. Everything is conveniently located dockside, and there's also Barbuda! Which is a hidden gem in the Caribbean. Barbuda is one of the most unspoilt countries I think left in the Caribbean. We have some new developments going there too. We have a packed calendar coming up."

Alan Hosam, Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority
By Heather Collier