Blohm+Voss: A New Plan For The Superyacht Sector

By Ben Roberts

Fred van Beers, the newly appointed CEO for Blohm+Voss in Hamburg addressed all 1,100 Blohm+Voss employees this month to announce details of an aggressive new investment plan that has been prepared over the past few months in conjunction with Star Capital and the Board of Directors.

Fred van Beers will be implementing a number of noteworthy changes over the next 12 months to reinvigorate the superyacht sector of the historic Blohm + Voss shipyard. These changes are designed to ensure that the business is fully optimised and efficient in meeting the needs of the diverse marine markets in which the company operates.

The company boasts a build portfolio of nearly 1,000 vessels across its 138 year history as well as an impressive track record of complex refits and conversions on yachts, cruise liners and oil & gas platforms. However, it is the unique and iconic superyachts that have really brought the brand to prominence in recent years.

Much of the new investment and development work will be focused on the superyacht sector in order to strengthen the company’s position as the world’s pre-eminent builder and service provider of custom yachts over 80m.

You can find the three main keystones in the brand’s new development plan below:

Creation of a dedicated superyacht division
Historically, new construction projects (Blohm+Voss Shipyards GmbH) were managed independently from refit and repair activity (Blohm+Voss Repair GmbH). The full integration of both areas will ensure that clients benefit from a wider range of expertise and sharing of knowledge as well as a far more comprehensive offering throughout the lifecycle of the yacht.

The yacht division will be based in Hamburg with the aim to bring all of the unrivalled naval architecture, ship theory, project management and engineering expertise together in one location. The goal is to offer customers the possibility of a true ‘one stop shop’ centre of excellence for the whole lifecycle of their yacht.

Further investment in the BV80 project
The brand new 80m yacht designed by Eidsgaard Design generated huge interest in the market. The tank testing, class approvals and detailed engineering phase have all been completed and the first vessel is now ready to begin construction. The next step will see significant further investment in steel and major components to ensure new clients are able to take delivery of a top quality, customised 80m yacht in just 30 months from the contract date.

A New Superyacht Lifecycle Management & Lifetime Warranty
Development of a comprehensive new lifecycle service is already well under way. With vast experience in the construction, maintenance, repair and operation of commercial vessels, Blohm+Voss is in a unique position to help clients reduce operating costs considerably through the integration of continuous monitoring equipment into new yachts and the remote management of maintenance and repair schedules.

Combined with a life cycle maintenance agreement, Blohm+Voss’ build quality also means that clients will be able to benefit from a lifetime warranty, available on all new yachts.

This is undoubtedly an exciting era for Blohm+Voss, and certainly something we look forward to bringing you updates on as the brand's development plan progresses.

By Ben Roberts
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