Blue Coast 203' - Giant 62m Catamaran Concept

By B. Roberts

The Event Cat, the astonishing 62m design from Coste Design & Partners and Blue Coast Yachts, is a new mega-catamaran concept. Designed for the discerning yachtsman and made from high-grade, light weight materials, the mega-catamaran marks the future of luxury yachting.

What makes the Blue Coast 203' Event Cat concept stand out from the crowd is not just the 62m length, but the superwide beam of 22 metres.

The mega-catamaran was conceptualised by the designer Jean-Jacques Coste and Blue Coast Yachts, using advanced, lightweight composite materials such as Kevlar, Carbon and Epoxy Resin. The use of these materials "not only provides extraordinarily strong and light structures but is highly recyclable”. The composites also offer an increased lifespan and vastly reduced maintenance costs.

Coste and Blue Coast Yachts are currently advancing their designs with revolutionary ecological advances and enhanced propulsion technology. Jean-Jacques Coste said: “We are currently developing low emission propulsion with hybrid and fuel cell solutions. We believe these technologies will provide the cleanest, most cost-efficient methods of generating power and weight distribution without loss of speed. We strive to minimize our carbon imprint.”

The Event Cat's giant 22m beam allows for so much more aboard the mega-catamaran such as helipads, swimming pools, home cinemas, diving equipment chambers and large entertainment spaces indoors. The company that commissioned the design was looking to market the concept as a charter yacht for large parties and events. Due to its design the Event Cat will easily handle long journeys as well.

Luxury catamarans such as the Event Cat hold expansive and revolutionary interior accommodations such as the Coste Design mezzanine, dual level loft arrangements or full width, foredeck master cabin with 180 degree views and claims to hold enough space for three generous guest suites in each hull.

Jean-Jacques Coste stated “Creativity is our strength” a statement that needs no enforcement after the release of the 62m Event Cat concept, an astonishing and revolutionary design which holds giant potential.

By B. Roberts