BLUE Discuss A Very Real Problem

By Ben Roberts

BLUE are fighting for cause which directly affects the future of the entire planet. While fish stocks dwindle to extinction, the protection of earth’s oceans is now of paramount importance and BLUE has successfully rallied the elite superyacht builders of the world to the cause. Managing Director Cindy Forde joined us to discuss the world’s most real, yet solvable, problem.

Based in London, BLUE has a list of projects underway across the world and are already making a difference. After the release of the highly-acclaimed movie ‘End of the Line’, BLUE worked tirelessly on their mission to raise the protected percentage of oceans across the world from 1.8% to 2.8%, with the aim of reaching 10% by 2020.

This is no easy task, given that 71% of the Earth’s surface is water and that the life within it covers 80% of all life on earth. BLUE are responsible for securing $12m for marine conservation work, protecting an area more than twice the size of the UK, brought globally acclaimed brands and ambassadors on board to support the cause and has developed a global portfolio of projects stretching from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean.

For more information on the vital work BLUE are doing and how the superyacht industry is helping to give something back, watch the above video. 

By Ben Roberts