Bob Denison Offers An Insight Into Modern American Yachting

By Ben Roberts

With 40 yachts in the show, Denison Yacht Sales has both the history and understanding of what owners are looking for; however, in order to understand the modern American market and it’s increasing activity, we spoke to Bob Denison about the roots of yachting culture in America.

“Yachting in America, of course, has a pretty long history,” explains Bob Denison. “So even going way, way back a hundred years ago to the very beginning of our nation [...] the culture of using a boat to have fun and get away is a part of who we were and what we did. Then, in the early 20th century, we started to become a target for the European boat builders. Of course, Feadship was one in the 1940s, and I think for a long time we’ve been the primary target for new construction yards.”

Understanding the culture is not only part of understanding the owner, but also a fantastic comparison of information in relation to how things have shaped the 21st century yachting sector. So how is Denison furthering their hold on the U.S. market, and what is their secret?

“The truth is, there’s a lot of qualified American families that have the means to go yachting and, frankly, they’re not doing it. As far as the overall culture of yachting, it’s certainly here but I think one of the greatest opportunities for us here in the states is not to look to better economic times, which is obviously helpful, but to look to the people here in the states that aren’t yachting.”

Growing specificity in terms of the questions asked by qualified clients who were looking into the lifestyle some years back is something Denison Yacht Sales is finding in increasing frequency. Now, thanks to a growing number of owners looking for a new level of information through confidence - as well as the subsequent increase in service from their broker - Denison is engaging existing owners as well as potential yacht enthusiasts that might not know it just yet through new and exciting ways.

For more information the Denison Yacht Sales approach, as well as their view on the dawning moments of the great American yachting culture, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts