Buddy Darby On The Paradise That Is Christophe Harbour

By Ben Roberts

The stunning island of St Kitts acts as a backdrop to the latest development for superyachts looking for a home port in the Caribbean. Founded and developed by Charles “Buddy” Darby III, this incredible haven is still undergoing construction; however with rapid developments and berths already gathering a lot of attention from owners – the superyacht community won’t have long to wait to experience the unrivalled paradise of Christophe Harbour.

Owner of Andromeda La Dea and Founder of Christophe Harbour, Buddy Darby is a man with a proven background and a strong vision for the future of an idyllic island. ”Christophe Harbour is a project I started in 2008, it’s 2,500 acres on the south end of St Kitts and it’s largely unspoiled so we can control everything within the experience … the physicality and natural beauty was such that it drew me down there and we’ve been developing ever since.”

“We have a private beach club, with outdoor dining and a pool and obviously beach facilities, we just completed a waterfront bar where you can look at sunsets – we recycled a lot of the old sugar factory and also included it where an old salt mine was.”

Buddy is referring to the 300 acre salt pond which makes up the main DNA of the Christophe Harbour marina facilities and highlights the ethos behind the development’s community goals. After the shift in focus from island income went from salt mining and sugar to tourism, the team decided to keep the history of St Kitts alive by recycling old facilities and creating a community project which helps further the economy of the island and its people.

“I think the West Indies has always been the premier cruising grounds … I think being able to touch [all islands] and harbours from a boating perspective is one thing but I think at the end of the day you really have weather that is guaranteed .. .I think when people are freezing on the other side of the world they can come down, jump in the water and have a good time.”

Superyachts.com had the good fortune to visit Christophe Harbour this year and recommend watching the above interview to find out more about this stunning development in the heart of the Caribbean.

By Ben Roberts