Burak Akgul On Perini Navi's Latest Advancements

By Ben Roberts

Perini Navi is world renowned for their unparalleled expertise in building the biggest and the best sailing yachts in the world with a style which stands against time, but after receiving an award for Grace E on the night before the show, the Italian yard is clearly providing something more than life under sail.

Managing Director of Sales, Marketing and Design for Perini Navi, Burak Akgul, stopped by to talk about Grace E’s debut at the MYS and what it meant to the company’s grand evolution.

“The Perini brand is moving forward into the future," explains Burak Akgul, "maintaining its pre-eminence in innovation in both the design of the vessels we design, the manner of which we see the designs and also the layout and the attributes of the vessels themselves.”

After stepping down as CEO, the widely respected Giancarlo Ragnetti charged Enrico de Latino with the new challenge while the yard worked on a series of new and exciting vessels. Watch the full interview above to discover more about Grace E and Perseus ³ and learn about the construction advancements driving Perini Navi to the forefront of the yachting elite.


By Ben Roberts