Burger x Vripack Release New Sportfishing Concept

By Jenna Mehdi

In collaboration with Vripack, all-American boat builder Burger Boat has released its new 63 Sportfishing motor yacht concept. As market trends signify a shift to smaller yachts with enhanced accessibility to the sea, the 63 Sportfishing concept marks an astute response to this and a refreshing return to the philosophy at the heart of yachting.

Gilding the ever-popular sportfisher boat with its signature touch of luxury, Burger brings its clients a new take on an old classic. Sleek and sophisticated lines make up this yacht’s unique profile, giving way to a dedicated fishing cockpit and spacious flybridge. As the post-pandemic era approaches, the 63 Sportfishing Motor Yacht delivers through its interior design and layout the gift of quality time with family and friends to a world that has been starved of it.

“We’re thrilled to introduce the Burger 63 Sportfishing Motor Yacht for those who seek a limitless life of island hopping, open-water fishing and adventure sports,” comments Jim Ruffolo, president and CEO, Burger Boat Company. “Since first sharing images of this concept, we’ve had an incredible reaction and it’s easy to see why. This new yacht is the perfect invitation to go out, create excitement and see the world in your own, luxurious setting.” 

Built from marine grade aluminium, the 63 Sportfishing Motor Yacht is characterised by Burger’s signature and unforgiving emphasis on top quality build. Coupled with Vripack’s patented SlideHull® form, the yacht is designed for high levels of comfort at speeds of up to 35 knots. She is highly customisable and potential owners are invited to collaborate with the Burger Design Team and customise the yacht to their individual character and tastes. 

Burger Boat owners are also able to take advantage of the lucrative Burger Care scheme. Burger owners can enjoy round-the-clock support of their new yacht, from cleaning and dockage to oil changes and engine overhauls. The scheme is part of the yard’s ongoing efforts to provide Burger owners with the personal care and support they need even long after taking delivery of their new boat. 


By Jenna Mehdi
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