Bury Yacht Design Introduce New Explorer Concept

By Ben Roberts

Bury Yacht Design has revealed a specialised explorer yacht design measuring 60m (196’) and providing unmatched levels of performance in the support of small submarines for extended deep ocean operations. The DSN #40 marries the efficiency, space and stability of a catamaran with the comfortable ride of other mono-hull yachts.

Working in conjunction with Triton Yachts, the submersible manufacturer, the DSN #40 hull form is a high efficiency stabilised mono-hull, providing outstanding powering efficiency and excellent comfort onboard. It consists of a long, narrow and deep centre hull containing all propulsive machinery. The outer hulls are shorter, shallower and of much less volume.

This vessel layout provides a very large working deck area aft with a highly configurable forward accommodation area. The aft deck is configured to support a submarine, including below deck stowage and dedicated workshop facilities of up to four manned subs. The submarines are suitable for high-end personal or tourist excursions, including the Triton 36000 X3, capable of full ocean depth dives to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

The A-frame launching system, tailored for heavier submarines, provides a secure and effective launch and recovery system (LARS), minimising possible damage to the submarine. The significant weight of these three submarines (9000kg) required a whole new carefully designed lifting system.

Designed to accommodate 12 crew, 6 guests and a private deck for the owner, the DNS #40 is an explorer vessel with distinctive design made for true adventurers.

By Ben Roberts