BWA Yachting Sponsors Cyclist: Cogs4Cancer 2017

By Christina Tsangaris

BWA Yachting is proud to be sponsoring one rider’s attempt to cross England and France in a bid to raise money for cancer research at the annual cycling event Cogs4Cancer which will see 36 yachting industry professionals raising money for Cancer Research UK.

Peddling across 1,400km in just 10 days, rider Captain Matt Bryant, who will be completing the arduous trek from London to Antibes, France.  Taking place this October, the bike race will gather 36 yachting industry professionals crossing both countries in a bid to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  

“It’s a real privilege to ride with so many awesome people who are all committed to raise as much as we can for this great charity. All 36 riders and support staff donate their time and considerable resources to COGS,  which gives the ride a real grass-roots fee. A good sense of humour is required as 10 days on bike is a long time!”

Since 2013, the event has raised over €700,000, 100 percent of which goes directly to the world-famous research charity. Alongside his team of intrepid cyclists, Matt hopes that this year they’ll finally reach their astounding €1 million goal.

“Cancer affects so many lives and the work of charities such as Cancer Research UK is invaluable to us all”, said Stefano Tositti, CEO for BWA Yachting. “That is why we are so proud to be supporting this year’s Captain Matt Bryant in this fantastic annual event. “We wish all riders the best of luck and hope that they reach their €1 million goal this year.”

Alongside being a keen cyclist, Captain Matt Bryant has been active in the yachting industry for 20 years. BWA Yachting is among 115 other sponsors supporting him and his fellow 36 riders. As part of the Cogs4Cancer event, all riders and support staff are completely self-funded, ensuring that all the money raised goes directly to Cancer Research UK.

The organisation is one of the world’s leading charities dedicated to life-saving research. Its 40,000 volunteers and supporters - as well as 4,000 doctors, nurses and scientists - aim to save lives by preventing, controlling and ultimately curing cancer.

By Christina Tsangaris