By Night: The Top 100 Evening & Premiere

By Christina Tsangaris

Following a day of press workshops that invited the mainstream media to come face to face with the biggest names in brokerage, build and design, the industry specialists congregated once more for the premiere of's latest SYOriginal; 'Building Giants' with a champagne reception in the heart of Mayfair...

In what amounted to be a productive dialogue across workshops; from eco-friendly yacht building to the latest and greatest in design trends, the ultimate way to close the day was of course a cinema screening of's SYOriginal 'Building Giants'. In a short film that explores the Top 100 largest yachts in the world, superyacht names from Lurssen Yachts to Burgess shared a privileged insight on what makes these ocean spectacles worthy of adoration, accolades and an iconic place in the world of superyachting. 

Offering a broad perspective across build, design and brokerage, the film's multifaceted approach to how one builds the largest boat in the world, offered a great sense of excitement for the year ahead. As we await the launches from our 2019 Top 100 forecast, the anticipation for the next superyacht masterpieces to hit the water, begins to build. 

The evening celebrated these incredible floating palaces, uniting the superyacht industry in the beating heart of London. But it wasn't just the builders that attended. The superyacht law sector was represented by the leading industry professionals at Bargate Murray, who's specialism as a luxury asset law firm once again confirms their prized place in the superyacht industry. 

Likewise, luxury tender company Pascoe International proved fun on the water comes as stylish, and functional as ever. While the superyacht platform company Nautibuoy Marine proves owner's connection from superyacht to the water is possible no matter how big the build; the essential extension when building your Top 100 superyacht. Additionally, the presence of the Blue Marine Foundation, the driving force behind ocean conservation, reminded industry experts the importance of sustainability across the superyacht sector.

Industry members also spoke with us on the value of the day's press workshops, and the pivotal role in sharing the industry's message to the wider media, waving the flag as innovators of excellence in their fields. As champagne sparkled and the evening drew to a close, the superyacht industry, and its ever evolving future, felt as exciting as ever.

By Christina Tsangaris