Cannes Yacht Show 2014 Opens Today

By Ben Roberts

The 2014 Cannes Yacht Show has opened its doors today, welcoming a wealth of visitors to a showcase of the finest motor and sailing yachts in the Cote d’Azur. We’ve discovered five of the largest yachts at the Cannes Yacht Show for the benefits of those walking the docks.

Ocean Paradise
Measuring 55m, this stainless steel superyacht is fully custom-built and an ideal charter vessel (available through Y.CO). Her contemporary profile is the home of innovative features such as a large swimming pool, a gym area and even a DJ console on the sun deck.

Her modern interior is illuminated by large windows, allowing a wealth of natural light to flood in whilst her LED lighting system offers a well-lit, comfortable atmosphere at night.

TJ Esperanza
Built in 1999, this classic motor yacht was built by Amels with an interior design by Terence Disdale, and with a length of 50 metres, TJ Esperanza is the second largest yacht at the Cannes Yacht Show. View at Amels – site CANTO012.

Mim (formerly Bermie) is a 49m motor yacht, custom built in 2001 by CMN Yachts in Cherbourg, France. This luxury vessel's sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of The A Group with an Andrew Winch interior. She was last refitted in 2005. View at stand CANTO010

Viudes 45
Built by the Viudes Shipyard in 2013, this elegantly styled motor yacht measures 48 metres and is just one of the stars of the show. Its unconventional exterior design will surely bring qualified visitors from around the show. Make sure to view her at PAN015.

Displacement 46
The distinctive style of this yacht is undoubtedly one people will remember after they leave the show. The Displacement 46 yacht was built by Baglietto SPA Cantieri Navali and holds interior design and naval architecture by Francesco Paszkowski Design. This 46.30 motor yacht can be seen at SYE116 – SYE013.

By Ben Roberts