CdM Launches Flagship Nauta Air 108 Explorer Narvalo

By Ben Roberts

The 33 metre superyacht emerged from the Cantiere delle Marche shipyard in Italy recently before being christened Narvalo, a custom-built explorer yacht with distinctive style and pedigree design.

Drawn by Nauta Yachts - the studio behind world’s largest yacht Azzam - this explorer was commissioned by a South American yachtsman who wanted to travel the world in style and comfort.

“Cantiere delle Marche Nauta Air 108’ is the flagship of our range of over 30-meter long yachts. When we designed it, we wanted to give shape to the vision of a motor yacht defined by an innovative relationship between interior and exterior space. In our projects for superyachts, our guiding idea is lightness in both meanings of the word: a general absence of weight and a widespread sense of brightness” says Mario Pedol, co-founder of Nauta Design.

Vasco Buonpensiere, Cantiere delle Marche’s Sales Director, adds: “Narvalo is the first boat in a new class of Explorer Vessels, featuring a groundbreaking balance among solidity, elegance, volume and design.

Building this new boat in the Nauta Air series, we are responding to a very specific market demand with a product whose features are unmatched: an overengineered, long-range three-deck displacement hull yacht featuring about 20% more volume than the competition, with both exterior and interior spaces inspired by the latest trends in Italian boating and industrial design.

Once again, Cantiere delle Marche brings its clients beyond traditional yachting and introduces them to a revolutionary world of sense, excitement and unending possibility.”

The result is a seaworthy and over-engineered superyacht with a contemporary but timeless design, perfectly suitable both for a summer in the Mediterranean and blue water passages at the most extreme latitudes.

By Ben Roberts
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