CdM on Building an Exciting Future for Exploration

By Ben Roberts

Following the delivery of the latest Darwin Class 102 and Nauta Air 111 adventure vessels, CDM is facing new demand and an order book of explorers placing a spotlight on the Italian master craftsmen. Opening up in a recent statement, Founding team Vasco Buonpensiere, Ennio Cecchini and Bruno Piantini speak about the new forms underway at the yard and the upward trajectory of Cantiere Delle Marche.

“In the last six months,” begins Vasco Buonpensiere, Sales & Marketing Director of CdM, “we have delivered two vessels (Class 102 and Nauta Air 111), sold two secondhand Darwin Class (86’ and 96’), signed four contracts for yachts from 39.5 to 41 mt, and developed a new model which we will present soon to the press worldwide (one 39 mt unit already sold). We have now 8 yachts under construction at our facility and a brand new shed is hosting the biggest Explorer Vessel we have ever built here at CDM: the 499grt K42, under construction for a client of Floating Life, is now about 12 months from delivery and growing under our eyes every day.”

The fleet on the water is growing, bringing some of the finest construction ethics to the explorer market, but the yachts under construction offer a deeper insight into the future of the shipyard. The K42, the brand’s largest project to date, is an ice-breaking, contemporarily-styled and spacious superyacht which acts as the flagship to a string of successful projects in the adventure field.

We perceive a great excitement in the market, however, the growth production figures of the Italian shipyards are generally still quite contained and certainly still much lower than the pre-2008 peaks,” adds Bruno Pianti, Managing Director of CdM. “With regard to CdM, on the other hand, a year of great successes and great growth in all aspects has just ended: in the commercial field we have sealed the sale of 4 very important orders and, also thanks to the fact that we obtained numerous prestigious awards, we have consolidated our constant Brand Awareness growth also on new markets.”

This new market, as it seems, is more of a cemented position in a booming sector than a want to over-expand with demand; focusing on quality and ensuring their position as a reliable yacht builder remains long after the boom.

As CEO Ennio Cecchini states, “In terms of the size of the yachts, we confirm that we are not going to build bigger than 45 mt/499 GRT. We are not interested to enter into a very cramped arena where there are a few shipyards leading the market and a lot more which are struggling to build one unit per year… in the good years.”

This view of creating a home in a certain range, also lends to a new focus on quality, brought forward by a rise in popularity and a genuine desire to maintain detail, and most importantly, satisfaction for both Owner and Captains.

"To be honest, so far our growth has come as a consequence of our way of working and above all as a consequence of the satisfaction of our shipowners, our captains, and the enthusiasm of all the people who work with us," adds Bruno Piantini. "Our aim, therefore, remains the same: to make always better vessels, to keep making our shipowners happy, by thinking of their needs from when they start imagining their new yacht to when they will resell it.

This can happen only working with happy and motivated people, being a healthy and responsible company. At this moment we have many opportunities to grow and improve: we will take these opportunities, and when necessary change what has to be changed, but one thing is certain: in 5 years the CdM spirit will be unchanged and our yachts will continue to sail safely around the world making our shipowners happy." 

This growth, the firm positioning in an expanding market and the reliability and style of product all come together to create a shipyard who are not only young, but a brand to watch very closely as they embark on a new phase of exciting new yacht projects.

By Ben Roberts
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