Charlie Birkett On The Lifestyle Behind The Top 100 Yachts

By Ben Roberts

Sponsors of the Top 100 Pages, Y.CO are one of the foremost superyacht brokers and charter experts in the world. Joining us at the May Fair Hotel in London for the launch of the Top 100 Forecast, we spoke to Co-founder and CEO Charlie Birkett about the lifestyle behind the world’s largest yachts.

“When yachts get to this size, I think undoubtedly you’ve got a lot more to offer,” explains Charlie. “whether it’s toys, global destinations, living space or accommodation. When yachts break 100 metres, which a lot of the yachts in Top 100 are, the capability of what they can carry around the world, what they can do and the service you can get from the crew on board is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious holidays you can go on.”

Y.CO also introduced The Blue Marine Foundation to the heads of the superyacht industry during the Top 100 Largest Yachts in the World Forecast launch in order to spread the message of a more responsible industry.

“Working with foundations like The Blue Marine Foundation to try to make them a little bit more visible in our industry, to make some of the crew perhaps focus on how they can help and in turn they will also transmit it down to the owners and charterers that come on board and guests that come on board. As yachts get bigger it’s very important that we focus on that and as a company I would say that we’re one of the leaders in that field.”

To learn more about Y.CO’s expertise on charter, brokerage and the most upcoming destinations for the largest yachts in the world, watch the above video.

By Ben Roberts