Charter Focus: Tasting Italy with D.P. Monitor (Part 1)

By Anna Solomon

Spring has finally sprung, which can mean only one thing for the yachters of the world: the Mediterranean west coast. And nothing says holiday in the Med quite like its mouthwatering regional dishes. If your love of the ocean is rivalled only by your love of food, why not consider combining your twin passions and chartering D.P. Monitor for a gourmet itinerary with Flying Charter...

Day One: Naples
Made with San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella and cooked in a stone oven, Neapolitan pizza is surely the best in the world. And if you want to get closer to the action of this proud tradition, why not book a private lesson in a real pizzeria? Olio & Pomodoro offer 2 hour courses in English that end with the all important tasting accompanied by Italian beer. For a post-pizza tipple, head to L’Antiquario speakeasy or the Tiki vibes of Platanos

Day Two: Sorrento
Taking your charter onto dry land for a day and enjoying the sumptuous shores of Sorrento is a must. And after a day of swimming and sunning, what better way to spend the balmy evening than wandering the streets of Sorrento Old Town, ducking in and out of tavernas for limoncello tasting? For dinner, two-Michelin star Torre Del Saracino is not to be missed - make sure to leave room for the indulgent selection of chocolate that you will be offered afterwards.

Day Three: Nerano
It would be wrong to do a gourmet tour of Italy and not feast on pasta. Cruise along the natural reserve of Punta Campanella, before taking a seaside table at world famous pasta aficionado Maria Grazia in Nerano - the ‘penne alla Maria Grazia’ is nationally acclaimed. Before moving on you should also visit I Quattro Passi - a two Michelin-starred restaurant which valorises local ingredients.

Continued in Part 2...

By Anna Solomon