Charter Focus: Tasting Italy with D.P. Monitor (Part 2)

By Anna Solomon

Foodies of the yachting world should consider chartering D.P. Monitor for a mouthwatering gourmet itinerary in the western Med. The local experts at Flying Charter will take you on a gastronomical adventure spanning authentic Neapolitan pizza to the sumptuous produce of the region’s vineyards...

Day Four: Positano
Positano is a picture-perfect village of vibrant cubiform buildings clinging to the cliff face. A day here should be spent perusing the artisan boutiques and buying a pair of hand-woven sandals, before heading to Il San Pietro as the blue sky gives way to dusky orange. This restaurant has one of the most beautiful terraces in the country and serves fish so fresh you can taste the sea salt.

Day Five: Cetara
This idyllic coastal village has a niche speciality: anchovies. Cetara leads the region in the deliciously salty delicacy. Almost all the restaurants here offer anchovies in various manifestations, but the best places to sample are Refettorio in Conca Dei Marini, an eatery located in a renovated monastery, and Rossellinis in Ravello, which is tucked in the rock face overlooking Amalfi.

Day Six: Capri
A day spent in Capri should entail swimming beneath the Faraglioni and soaking up the rays on a rugged beach at La Fontelina, with a pitcher of ‘vino con le percoche’ (white wine and local peaches) close at hand. For dinner, head to the town of Anacapri, which resides just on the other side of the Capri Mountain. Here, two-Michelin-starred restaurant L’Olivo takes the region’s gastronomic staples and reimagines them into exquisite works of art.

Day Seven: Ischia
Ischia is a volcanic island off the coast of Naples, whose sunbaked terrain makes for a large number of vineyards. The most famous regional wine is Biancolella - enjoy hearty amounts of this fruity, almond-tinged white at a tasting in a local cellar, before dining in the ‘enchanted garden’ of two Michelin-starred restaurant Danì Maison.

By Anna Solomon