Charter Wild Waters: Thrill-Seeking in the 50th State

By Catriona Cherrie

One of the most idyllic of America’s 50 states, Hawaii has always been an escape for superyacht owners seeking sun, sand and the soothing sound of gentle waves. However, for those daring to experience it, Hawaii’s wild side can be found in the technicolour reefs and towering volcanoes that beckon adventurers from miles around. To discover the best crystal-clear waterfalls to dive from, and the toughest mountain paths to tackle on the side of active volcanoes, read on…

In Hawaii, life flows smoothly, the easy-going and low-key attitude of the locals infecting everything. Despite this casual relaxation for which many come to Hawaii to experience, one can just as easily spend a morning on the beach with a coconut drink to an afternoon traversing a towering sea-cliff, metres from the Pacific Ocean. This casual flippancy between repose and rush in Hawaii is a constant attraction to superyacht owners looking to break up their conventional charter routine.

Take the opportunity to go hiking across ancient lava flows in the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, or to scale the Pali Puka trail, a short but dangerous hike which offers sensational views of Oahu’s windward coast and vertical drops which will take your breath away. Learn to surf, the ancient Hawaiian sport of 'wave sliding,' on the North Shore, known worldwide for its epic breaks and incredible death-defying surfer stunts.

Go snorkelling or dive with giant manta rays and sea turtles in the azure waters off the coast of Maui at the Molokini Crater. For the true daredevils, take your diving gear over to Hulop’oe Bay to dive amongst the sharks at 'The Cathedrals'. Named the best cavern dive site in the Pacific by Skin Diver magazine, this aquatic phenomenon is sure to get your heart racing as you swim through shimmering light between the cavernous natural arches whilst the reef sharks play below. 

Kayak to a deserted offshore island such as Lanai to visit the Garden of the Gods, or take your superyacht for a turn around the islands to watch for whales and Hawaiin monk seals. For those seeking a more relaxing saltwater sensation, try your hand at stand-up paddling in the shallows or horseback-riding on the shore. 

Back on land, try riding horseback with the paniolo, Hawaii's cowboys, or discover some of the hidden beaches away from the crowds that can only be reached by an extreme hike. Waipio Valley Beach on Big Island is sheltered by 2,000 foot high cliffs and is a gruelling hike from the top to the inky shores at the bottom. You'll be rewarded with the incredibly soft inky black sand that frames the clear turquoise waters, and to top it off, you can experience first hand the incredible spectacle of the tumbling Kaluahine Waterfall. 

Whatever your pleasure, Hawaii caters to any and all of your adventure fantasies whilst retaining its natural relaxed vibe. So you can be sure that after an eight-hour hike across an active volcano, you can don your swimsuit and take to the white sands of the beach to truly relax afterwards. 

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By Catriona Cherrie