Chris Cecil-Wright On The Benefits of Boutique Service

By Paul Joseph

Having been in operation for just two years, Cecil-Wright & Partners are one of the fledgling faces in the superyacht world with a refreshing approach to the industry.

But despite the company’s tenders age, the boutique brokerage house is helmed by a man with significant experience in the yacht industry, having worked for Edmiston & Company for nearly two decades.

We sat down with Cecil Wright, founder of Cecil Wright & Partners, at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, to ask him why boutique is best.

“We are small, but we intend to stay that way,” he began. That sort of start-up feel is a very nice feel. I find my clients quite like the underdog, although we don’t necessarily feel like an underdog, because everyone in the business at least has 15-25 years of experience.

“When I was working at Edmiston we had a huge amount of clients to deal with every day. These days I focus on my very best clients and each client really should be your only client. Certainly while you’re talking to him, he’s the only guy that matters. And it’s quite difficult to do that with more than just a handful of clients.

You can watch the full video interview with Cecil Wright about this article.

By Paul Joseph