Christophe Harbour Marks A New Era For St. Kitts

By Ben Roberts

Charles ‘Buddy’ Darby is the visionary owner behind the Christophe Harbour development in St. Kitts, a rejuvenated slice of paradise founded to keep the natural beauty of St. Kitts alive while providing an exclusive few with unparalleled private and public facilities.

“Up until 2005 it was agriculturally based, something that the other islands didn’t have. So you have this natural beauty and you don’t have a lot of developments so it’s a little bit quieter. Obviously, at 64 square miles and 25 miles long, you have a lot of diversity”

The beauty of St. Kitts and it’s fantastic community is being brought into the 21st century of luxury tourism after the introduction of Christophe Harbour. Now developing faster than we can track, and with marina berths opening and selling in quick succession, a Park Hyatt nearing completion and an upcoming 18 hole golf course on it’s way as just a few of the amenities available, we have high-hopes for this development.

“This is a long term development. These long scale communities take a long time, and obviously the marina is something that was very important and we think is the heartbeat of the whole development. Shoreside facilities have started, if you look at building the Marina Village, continuing to sell lots - which we have well over 100 now, with 20 houses builded and completed - and I’ll be turning my sights on building an 18 hole golf course, which I’ll be collaborating with Tom Fazzio on.”

For more information on the stunning St. Kitts development, you can view our round trip of the early phases here or watch the full interview above.

By Ben Roberts