Conquering The US Market: 67m Benetti Sold

By George Bains

Soon after the launch of M/Y Metis industry giant Benetti is already celebrating the sale of 67m Project Fenestra. International brokerage Northrop & Johnson managed the purchase, yet beneath the headlines of another Benetti success there lays a more interesting development.

The trend of custom Benetti yacht sales appears to be embarking on an American pivot, with the US market taking a particular interest in the bespoke craftsmanship of the Italian builders. The end of 2018 saw the delivery of both Spectre and Elaldrea+, 69 and 49 metres respectively, to owners in North America. Spectre has since won notable awards and the 67 metre M/Y FB278 marks the third sale of a Benetti custom yacht to an American buyer in very quick succession. Franco Fusignani, CEO of Benetti, declared this as “evidence of the American market’s growing interest in the Benetti brand.”

Giorgio Cassetta – responsible for the exterior design of both Project Fenestra and M/Y Metis – echoed the sentiments of Mr Fusignani with regards to US-Italian collaboration. Speaking to, Cassetta hailed a “blending of two cultures” and declared it “an honour to build US yachts for US clients in the US.”

The reasons for this fixation with Benetti’s custom builds are plentiful, and it would appear that in America they have fallen for the Made in Italy experience. A great part of this is no doubt owed to the close attention that Benetti pays to the owner’s needs. The company’s ethos is rich in a client-based orientation, with a ‘never say never’ attitude to the needs of the owner. This is evident in the design of Project Fenestra, tailored to meet the owner’s desires for a yacht which supports the ideals of family, fitness and well-being.

The design is developed over 6 decks, allowing up to 14 guests in 7 cabins can take advantage of the yacht’s innovative design and on-board facilities. The sun deck offers plenty of activity to fit the owner’s vision, complete with a gym, steam room and Jacuzzi. On the impressive 1600 square foot owner’s deck, a relaxing environment is created by the lounge and bar, topped with a magnificent 180 degree view. Project Fenestra is made distinctive by its fully dedicated beach club, with a side opening terrace blessing the area with ample natural light.

Project Fenestra demonstrates the momentum that is carrying Benetti forward with force. In fact, the yacht’s buyer was so impressed by the designs that it took only a month to put pen to paper on a deal. These points all lead to Benetti becoming, as Mr Fusignani puts it, “the embodiment of high-quality Italian craftsmanship” and it is clear to see that the demand is there.

In the next month we expect to be able to release more details on this latest project, as the expertise of Giorgio Cassetta and Benetti’s Interior Style Department work on the delivery on what will inevitably be another sensational yacht. 

By George Bains
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