Coolest Superyacht Concepts of 2020

By George Bains

As 2020 draws to a close, we reflect on another year which has seen the introduction of some outstandingly unique superyacht concepts. The superyacht industry is one in which the creative and the bold are allowed to flourish, with design moving always forward to test the limits of possibilities. Here are some of our favourite concepts from the past year…

115m Stormbreaker – Fotiadis Design

Up first is the cutting-edge 115-metre Stormbreaker, penned by Berlin-based studio T Fotiadis Design. Theodoros Fotiadis has quickly built a glowing international reputation for its outside-the-box concepts and innovative approach, with Stormbreaker marking a new breed of modern explorer vessels.

The superyacht, which is available for sale through SuperyachtsMonaco, perfectly fuses the key requirements of exploration and connectivity. A rugged expedition-type exterior is primed for ventures to remote regions of the world, while her opulent interiors ensure guests are treated to an incredible array of luxury amenities while onboard.

Stormbreaker is a highly innovative superyacht with high-tech equipment integrated into her design. Just a few of the remarkable features onboard Stormbreaker include a Panoramic 360 imaging system to record and broadcast, an interactive infotainment system and ‘Best In Class’ performance from CAT Audio.

99m Frontier – Sam Sorgiovanni

Another exciting explorer yacht released this year is Sam Sorgiovannia’s 99m Frontier. Once an understudy of design-great Jon Bannenberg, Sorgiovanni is a world-renowned name for the design of superyachts such as Nirvana and Barbara.

Frontier is able to be both graceful and powerful, distinctive by her sleek yet formidable icebreaker reversed bow. Her contemporary exterior profile features curvaceous lines and a dark teal paint, complemented by her bright decks.

The large volume of Frontier has been put to good use, providing plenty of entertainment for her guests from a luxurious beach club to a private cinema and 20-person dining room. A number of innovations have also been incorporated to greatly reduce the superyacht’s footprint, making her future-proof for a prospective owner.

137m Avanguardia & 153m Prodigium - Lazzarini

2020 saw the release of two extremely unique superyacht concepts by Lazzarini Design Studio. The Rome studio, headed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini, is committed to developing visually stimulating projects that offer a different approach to design.

Avanguardia and Prodigium are the first two of a series of six superyacht concepts that draw their inspiration from nature. Avanguardia caught global interest for her ground-breaking swan-shaped structure, stunning the industry with her detachable ‘head’, which is lowered to the water where it becomes a 16m tender.

Soon after Avanguardia, Lazzarini released its second project in the series, the shark-inspired Prodigium. Combining details of sharks and design influences taken from the Roman Empire, Lazzarini set out to create the ultimate Emperor of the Sea. At 153m and with accommodation for up to 44 guests, she is an awe-inspiring project available for an estimated cost of 300,000,000 euros.

85m APEX 850 – MMYD

In collaboration with Royal Huisman, Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design unveiled APEX 850, both the world’s largest sloop-rigged superyacht and largest aluminium sailing yacht.

At 85m and with a towering rig of 102m, Apex 850 is a striking superyacht concept with incredible volume. Her sleek, elongated hull adds elegance to her dominating structure, with a gentle sheer and reverse bow allowing her to lay like a feather on the water.

Apex 850 is blessed with plenty of luxurious guest areas to enjoy, including a 200sqm single-level social space. The all-glass superstructure brings guests closer to their outdoor environment with an expansive main salon offering 360-degree panoramic views of the sea.

Apex has been designed with an innovative diesel-electric propulsion system along with energy management technologies to optimise efficiency and minimise her environmental impact.

Project Echo HSV – Bannenberg & Rowell

Echo Yachts and Bannenberg & Rowell’s 50m Humanitarian Support Vessel ‘Project Echo’ is a concept with yachting for purpose at its core.

As well as offering progressive styling and some luxurious guest spaces, this superyacht has phenomenal functionality designed to complete challenging humanitarian missions. Capable of reaching remote areas of the world, Project Echo has an array of facilities to make her a crucial asset for humanitarian mission worldwide, while she is still customisable to her owner’s requirements.

The 50m catamaran can carry up to 40 tonnes in cargo deadweight, with a special integrated cargo deck rail fastening system to enhance accessibility. A 12-tonne knuckle-boom crane facilitates the unloading of cargo, as well as enabling HSV to launch and retrieve various craft required for missions.

An innovative hull designed by Sydney-based Incat Crowther Naval Architects gives HSV distinct performance advantages, as by reducing engine powering requirements she delivers much greater fuel efficiency and range than most monohulls in her category.

By George Bains
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