CRN Discuss Brave New Innovations In Construction

By Ben Roberts

CRN has enjoyed great success over the last few years, and with the launch of Chopi Chopi pushing the brand into the higher echelons of the superyacht builder’s elite, we caught up with Luca Boldrini and Roberta Sabatini of CRN to discuss the Italian market and what’s next for this exciting shipyard.

With Chopi Chopi sitting proud in Port Hercules and their previous projects gathering more and more attention for their unrivalled innovation, CRN’s confidence in their work has never been stronger; something in which the yard is putting into their new projects.

“YALLA has been an amazing project for CRN because it’s a little bit out of our style,” explains Luca Boldrini. “Everybody looks to CRN as a builder of, let’s say more classical look [of] yacht, and in reality the scope of CRN is to build custom build yachts, tailored around the clients; so YALLA is the [proof] that we can design a speedy looking boat, very Mediterranean for the use and the shape and without compromising in our fundamentals.”

YALLA may be on the way and ready to impress audiences with her different style, but this is not the only new project ready to rock the waves of the superyacht industry.

“We have under construction new yachts of between 55 to 74 metres,” adds Roberta Sabatini, “but new deals are coming and we begin to work [closer] with the best interior designers worldwide.”

“Especially in the 55 metre project we are developing and the 74 metre project … we are trying to put some new innovations that the clients enjoyed a lot. Especially one project, one project is very brave. I think in one way will be a game-changer again, so we’re putting the efforts to create something new for the industry.”

More is expected to emerge from the CRN shipyard in the near future, but in the meantime, watch the above video to find out more about the future of the Italian yard.

By Ben Roberts
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