CRN Offer a Glimpse into the Superconero Project

By Ben Roberts

Currently under construction in Ancona is the 50-metre Superconero, a superyacht project from CRN that edges closer to the water every day. Now, thanks to renderings, interior mock ups and insights from the yard, we take a closer look at the ongoing innovations of the Italian yacht-builder.

The bare-bones of the project describes an aluminium and steel displacement vessel, stretching 50-metres with an 8.60-metre beam and GRT below 500; however, there is more to the Superconero that meets the eye.

CRN are well-known for their introduction of a floating tender garage, a pioneering luxury advancement that allows owners to tender straight into the side of their yacht and hop off into a fresh and welcoming interior.

With exterior style by Zuccon International Project, the Superconero will be the second installment of this luxury phenomenon last seen on superyacht J’Ade.

Not only will the float-in tender garage add an edge of lifestyle to the project, but the Superconero also features a balcony, which can be used while cruising, an opening sea terrace, and expansive beach club; arguably one of the most important modern design traits on any superyacht.

The large internal volumes gives way to an elegant ‘Liberty’ style, which offers soft, sinuous lines according to her builder with a harmonious blend that emphasises views whilst cruising thanks to full-height windows.

The team were at the yard, on board and look forward to bringing you our updates surrounding the top-secret project as soon as we can.

By Ben Roberts
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