CRN On Atlante, Saramour & Yalla: A Different Fleet

By Ben Roberts

With two outstanding superyachts on display at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, we caught up with one of the most innovative shipyards in the world to discuss the marriage between exploration and luxury through their latest launches, Atlante, Saramour and Yalla.

A whole new level of demand is starting to emerge from the modern owner, and the thirst for adventure lead to a display of brand-new explorer yachts never before seen at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Atlante, one of the latest launches by CRN and their first explorer, was on display at the Monaco Yacht Show this year and enticing the 33,000 strong visitors in attendance; however, according to Luca Boldrini, Sales & Marketing Director for CRN, it is a boat that uses high-grade design to split opinion.

“Atlante, you can like it or not like, and that’s coming from us,” explains Luca Boldrini. “The very first time we met [the client], I have to thank him because he was brave, very brave. We were crazy to accept because it’s a very difficult boat to build, but on the other side, I think he’s a visionary. He said ‘I want to build a boat that doesn’t look like a boat’, and the other thing he said as that ‘I love all my cars, they are G Class Mercedes, so I would like to recreate a G Class Mercedes feeling on my boat’ … it gives you that masculine look, that volume look and that off-road look that is quite important.”

“The boat has very special features […] we used the bow in a completely different way. We used the bow so you can see the sea from the front of the boat not only from the aft. It’s the unique boat that I know of that has the superstructure in matte black … it shows design, quality and detailing create a product, and it is a shocker product when you see it and there is no middle way. Like the G Class Mercedes, you either love it or you hate it.”

While we may be in the category of those that love the stunning explorer design from CRN, this is not the only showcase on display from their three yacht fleet at the MYS.

“Each one of them is special […] they’re all quite different. Yalla is a 73m, it looks like a giant open boat. It’s quite low profile and I think it’s a good expression of what we started years ago [...] then we have Saramour, I think is a beautiful balance between classical lines and modern details. We were able to create a boat with huge volume, it’s one of the unique 60 metres [...] and we tried to insert into this vessel really high-details of design.”

For the full run-down from one of the most exciting shipyards in Italy, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts
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