CRN Prepare The Launch Of New 55m Superyacht

By Ben Roberts

CRN, a shipyard that specializes in building 50 to 90 metre steel and aluminium super yachts, has today revealed that it is ready to launch its new fully customized 55 meter yacht with an unmistakably strong identity and style, which draws on some stylistic features peculiar to military vessel.

Yesterday, using engine-powered hydraulic lift trucks, the yacht was positioned on the slipway, the ramp where over the next few weeks the pre-launch operations will be completed.

Moving a yacht of this size is always a complex operation, which requires the involvement and skills of the all the shipyard workers.

This yacht already shows all its personality on the slipway. Very marked square shapes, sharp, rigorous and particularly sophisticated lines are the distinctive features of the Ancona shipyard's new mega yacht, the exterior of which was designed by the Nuvolari Lenard design studio, whereas the interior was designed by the CRN Interior & Design department in association with the Gilles et Boissier architectural studio.

The ceremony will be held in just less than a month, in private, at the Ancona shipyard.

By Ben Roberts
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