CRN Provides First Look at 79m Superyacht Project

By Ben Roberts

CRN has today unveiled a first-look at the brand-new 79-metre superyacht 'CRN 135' project after moving the vessel from one shed to another.

Weighing more than 1,000 tons, the 800-metre journey between sheds turned into a task of military-grade precision as CRN took one step further to launching their second largest project to date.

Due for launch in 2017, this superyacht flies just under the radar of the Top 100 but still offers imposing size and elegant design to match. The volumes of this superyacht alone are worthy of note, with CRN’s Technical Department and Studio Zuccon International Project creating the exterior profile and Laura Sessa taking care of the cavernous interiors.

An Italian pedigree project, the CRN 135 is set to become another milestone project for the yacht builders behind Chopi Chopi and Atlante with new additions to the fleet such as the 50m CRN Supercornero, the 62m CRN 147 and, of course, the 74m CRN 131 due for launch in just over a week.

By Ben Roberts
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