CRN To Begin Construction On New Superconero Yacht

By Ben Roberts

After unveiling a number of new design concepts to the public, alongside an exciting line up for the Monaco Yacht Show, CRN has today announced a newly signed contract for the construction of a 50 metre Superconero superyacht.

The new luxury yacht project, which features naval engineering by CRN Engineering in cooperation with design firm Zuccon International Project, is a steel and aluminium 50m displacement yacht falling within the 500 GRT class thanks to a 9 metre beam.

The new Superconero will include all the mainstay systems developed by CRN over the years which have turned the Italian yard into a revered name in the large yacht building sector. These features include a balcony that can be enjoyed while cruising, an opening terrace on the sea to relax when at anchor, the aft beach club and - CRN’s most remarkable design and engineering revolution - the Tender Bay (as seen on superyacht J'Ade).

This revolutionary feature turns a technical room into one single area which host guests arriving via tender in a spacious, airy natural pool that allows you to enjoy life on board in total freedom.

The Superconero, together with the Expedition and the Dislopen Special Edition, belongs to a line of 50-metre semi-custom yachts developed by CRN in cooperation with Zuccon International Project in order to meet the needs of an ever-evolving and increasingly diversified market. These are three completely different projects which, however, share CRN’s innovative DNA.

Lamberto Tacoli, CRN’s Chairman and CEO, declared: “It is difficult to understand how the sale of a 50-metre yacht can mean more than that of larger vessels, but this is exactly what we are currently feeling at CRN. The Superconero line and the 50 m projects we have conceived over the last few years with Zuccon International Project will enable CRN to offer world-class and high-quality, flawlessly-finished yachts, also thanks to the experience the Shipyard has gained on previously built 70 and 80-metre vessels. I am sure our Customers will appreciate these new lines and everything they hold within".

The 50m Superconero will be built in parallel with other yachts currently under construction: the 55m CRN M/Y Atlante, which was recently launched, the 46m CRN M/Y Eight, the first refit in CRN’s history, the 74m CRN 131, and the 77m CRN 135.

By Ben Roberts
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