D-Marin CEO Kemal Saatçioğlu On Creating A Sense Of Home

By Paul Joseph

Established in 2003 with the focus of building a superyacht and marina network in the Mediterranean, D-Marin Group now boasts a grand total of 11 facilities across the region.

We sat down with Kemal Saatçioğlu, CEO of D-Marin Marinas Group, at the 2015 Monaco Yacht Show, to hear about the company’s impressive growth and their plans for the future.

“We have increased our number to include 11 marinas,” he told us. “We are trying to create a high quality line of services for our customers along the eastern Mediterranean and we are hoping to skip to other parts of the Mediterranean as well.

“Really, for us, to create a homely feeling for our customers is very important. Because arriving to an individual marina as an individual yachtsman is something else, and arriving to another home port is totally something else. That’s the feeling we’re trying to create and I think we’re so far succeeding in that.

“At the moment our focus is eastern Mediterranean. We are in Croatia, Greece and Turkey and this year we’ve added one more marina in Montenegro. So we are still focussing on the eastern Mediterranean because we believe the potential is excellent. Of course the fame in the western Mediterranean is obvious and we will see. There are upcoming projects as well of course."

You can watch the full video interview with Mr Saatçioğlu above this article.

By Paul Joseph