DAMEN Creates New Adventure Yacht to Meet Demand

By Ben Roberts

A new 43 metre (142ft) sport and adventure yacht has emerged and enhanced the ever-evolving exploration fleet of DAMEN.

Redefining the yachting experience for true outdoor action and adrenaline lovers, DAMEN has developed the Adventure 4008 in response to growing demand for carrying capacity on board their famous support line.

“There’s nothing else like the Adventure 4008 on the market,” says Rose Damen, Sales Manager at AMELS, DAMEN’s Dutch luxury yacht builder which handles sales and marketing for the Adventure 4008. “The 40 to 50-metre yachts on the market just don’t fit the bill for these clients. They don’t want to compromise on the gear they love – big, 30-ft tenders and fast boats up to 60 knots, submarines, helicopters or sport aircraft. Not only can they carry it all on their Adventure 4008, but they can also bring their friends and family and live the adventure in comfort and style.”

“The SEA AXE’s muscular, rugged looks are not just for show,” says DAMEN Product Director Mark Vermeulen. “The Adventure 4008 has serious capability with proven performance in the most demanding environments. It’s a no-nonsense yacht – very reliable. Plus, as part of the SEA AXE family, we have a smooth and finely tuned production and that means on time and on budget delivery in just a matter of months.”

The Adventure 4008 has all the makings of an unforgettable weekend. Send the Adventure 4008 ahead and meet it with a private jet and helicopter. How about heli-skiing with good friends in Alaska, or sport fishing with the kids in the Bahamas, or surfing on the Baja Peninsula and then be back in the board room by Monday?

Thanks to the Adventure 4008’s fast delivery, Owners are just a few months away from enjoying the most thrilling gear in the world’s most spectacular destinations.

By Ben Roberts
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