De Voogt Naval Architects On How To Create A Feadship

By Ben Roberts

Feadship are renowned for their unique yachts and striking launches, but the process of how these yachts came to be is often overlooked. We spoke to Ronno Schouten, Design Manager of De Voogt Naval Architects, to get an insight into how Feadship brings a yacht to life with an owner.

“The way we design, is we design fully custom, fully unique yachts, we start with a blank piece of paper and we start asking the client how they use the boat, what they want to do on board, what kind of experience they have but we also want input on what kind of styling they like, so we ask them questions about maybe which cars they like or which kind of art and everything. It’s about getting to learn about the owner and how they want to use the boat.”

Customisation boils down to the tiniest elements of character, and Feadship knows how to extract that in every stage to create the finest yachts on the water.

Both the yard's engineering and creativity can be seen in the existing yachts on the water as well as the future concepts which have characterised previous Monaco Yacht Shows.

“We also have our concepts which we present to the owners so we have many ideas we can show and talk to the client [...] We’ve many projects on the drawing board […] I see a trend with more yachts with a focus on watersports and sustainable, green.”

For more information on the latest projects on the De Voogt drawing board and more insights into the design process, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts
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