Delphia Yachts to build Superyacht Tenders

By B. Roberts

Delphia Yachts has been producing luxury sailing and motor yachts since 1990. With years of experience under their belt the company is now expanding their range, turning their skills toward luxury tender.

Delphia Yachts is renowned for using some of the latest technology and the best materials available for their designs. Now, Delphia Yachts has opened a new division of its production, which specialises in building tender for superyachts.

Work is currently underway on the construction of Delphia’s two new models, the Limousine and Open Tender models, both made from high quality materials.

The Limousine Tender is 10m in length, built to shuttle guests to the owner's exclusive 80m superyacht. It has a sophisticated interior with an art deco style, whilst featuring air conditioning, refrigerator and ice machine. The Limousine Tender offers a raised roof and leather upholstery to make any trip to the yacht as comfortable as possible.

The Open Tender is another 10m design, which focuses on a more recreational purpose. Its mission is to provide guests with a sporty experience on any cruise with the possibility of adding water-skis.

Delphia Yachts was founded in 1990 by brothers Piotr and Wojciech Kot and is described as Poland’s largest manufacturer of sailing boats. The company also holds a long-standing relationship with Brunswick Marine in the EMEA to manufacture a number of Quicksilver and Uttern class motorboats each year.

By B. Roberts