Delta Powerboats’ Chapman Ducote on the Beauty of Simplicity

By Paul Joseph

With his background in car racing, Chapman Ducote is used to living life in the fast lane. Now the New Orleans-born entrepreneur is swapping tarmac for water after teaming up with Scandinavian company Delta Powerboats.

Mr Ducote, who has pledged to slowly wind down his car racing career, is now serving as Director of Americas for Delta Powerboats and as we discovered when we sat down with him at the recent Monaco Yacht Show, it is an challenge he is approaching with relish.

“I always knew I was going to be in the yachting business,” he said. “I didn’t know when I was going to get there, but now it has arrived.

“We produce carbon fibre yachts and that’s why I got involved in the company. I was going to do my own thing a couple of years ago and realised it’s better to partner with someone that’s done it or are doing it, and these guys are doing things in terms of speed and fuel efficiency that is unheard of. It’s high performance statistics but proper yacht living inside.”

He continued: “It’s Swedish, if you will, but very modern but simple materials. Teak and warm stones. open layout. We like to describe it, at least in the smaller version, like a New York loft apartment. All open, the galley sort of floating.

“There’s a nice salon area and then there’s a settee above the salon, helm station just above that. Just a real open, modern, clean layout, not busy and not fussy with too many materials.”

You can watch the full video interview with Chapman Ducote above this article.

By Paul Joseph