Denison Sponsor Video Section

By Ben Roberts can now proudly welcome Denison Yacht Sales as the brand-new sponsor of our globally viewed video section.

This is an industry which has relied on the print sector since its inception, and in just a matter of years, the entire community has turned to cutting-edge video in order to capture exactly just what it is that superyachts can offer the potential client.

It’s a fact; nothing captures the idyllic nature of the luxury yachting lifestyle better than a high resolution video – apart from being sat on the deck itself of course.

Panning shots of the sun setting over the Caribbean horizon, in-depth interactive tours of individual superyachts, frontline coverage of the world’s most glamorous events and first-hand insights into the most exotic destinations across the globe; these are the instantly gratifying, and not to mention wide-spread, results of a high-quality video in the superyacht industry, and the effects can be devastating on a commercial level.

Companies are beginning to shoot professional videos, cover events and document the construction of the world’s biggest yachts using advised style, high-line equipment and expert production value to prove that the moving image is the next step in the evolution of the superyacht industry – and is glad to partner with Denison Yacht Sales to see where this phenomena will take us next.

By Ben Roberts