Design Highlights: The Interior Insights of 2018

By Anna Solomon

During 2018, our 'Interior Insights' have provided a peek into countless stunning superyachts, from good old-fashioned glitz to leading-edge designs. As the year draws to a close, we take look back at the most conspicuous interiors that we've explored this year...

Mine Games
Launched back in 2010, 62m Mine Games is retro classic. Studying her Studio Massari interior back in October uncovered a show-stopping expanse of lustrous fittings and furnishings, where new-age design is eschewed in favour of timeless combinations of shapes, shades and textures. The yacht’s pièce de résistance is a curved-wall stateroom; a wonderland of animal print throws, gold trimmings and creamy upholstery. The rest of her interior is a gilded haven that shirks minimalism, yet occasionally welcomes modern touches such as black lacquer furniture studded with Swarovski crystals and two classical-style statues intercut with transparent inserts. She is an exercise in Gatsby-era glamour; a pageant of chandeliers and marble that exudes style instantly recognizable for its Italian provenance.

Earlier this year, our Okto Interior Insight uncovered Albert Pinto’s compositional masterpiece. The 66m surpasses the modern and embraces the futuristic, evidencing the notion that contemporary interiors can be just exquisite as crystal, marble and teak. A central dining area is accoutered with curiosities such as quirky end-tables, asymmetrical sofas and a spectacular lighting feature made up of metallic disks, whilst staterooms cast in nudes, creams and blacks are punctuated by visionary elements such as Cubist-patterened fabrics, metal walls and novelty lighting brackets. On-deck spaces are equally unconventional, trading in a beach-house colour scheme for a grey and black fusion by Esthec. Couple this with a 6 metre infinity pool with red under-lighting, and it becomes clear that Okto is a yacht that refuses to be ignored.

An August Interior Insight took a look inside 55m Atlante. The CRN build boasts audacious exterior lines that replicate military vessels and a soothing interior that acts as a counterweight to an austere profile. Masterminded by Patrick Gilles and Dorothée Boissier, Atlante is avante-garde and dashing, characterised by low lighting, mocha tones, supple leather and chrome panels. Guests ascend a carnico marble-encased staircase to a world of smoked oak, earthy palettes and glossy metals, with a unifying thread of veined marble throughout. By day, her spaces are light, bright and uncluttered. By night she is transformed into a realm of moody recesses and subtle light streams. She is a yacht of contradictions, with militant exteriors acting in harmonious opposition to plush furnishings.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our favourite interiors of the past year. The Interior Insight series will continue in 2019 - stay tuned! 

By Anna Solomon