Design Retrospective: The Icons of Timeless Evolution

By Ben Roberts

With the view of yachting evolving across the world - be it due to bolder designs or shifting trends in taste and function - we celebrate the changing lines interpreting modern timeless style. From the 1800’s to 2018, timeless is an objective for most designers and owners. These are the launches of the last decade which encapsulate the industry’s ever-changing eye on traditional design.

Cloud 9
Launched by CRN last year, Cloud 9 was a highlight of 2017 thanks to the classic, sweeping profile and subtle lines of Zuccon International. What makes this superyacht a stand-out launch, is that the design tour de force of Giovanni Zuccon and Winch Design (responsible for the interior atmosphere) flows seamlessly together, to bring traditional design to one of the most celebrated world-cruisers in the global fleet.

Elegance is the ethos behind the evolution of bygone yachting that is Solandge. Created by the famed collaboration of Espen Oeino & Lurssen Yachts, the deep blue hull of Solandge, striking white knuckle sophisticated design notes are a transformation of the established way, and a push forward to high-life style with a world of varieties on board creating an unparalleled charter machine.

Wedge Too
Wood is a go-to motif of classic yachting style, and Philippe Starck combined aluminium and wood to create a quirky take on traditional values. This is one of the most understated and stunning examples of evolution in traditional design, brought forward by a designer with fresh vision, and a shipyard with proven class.

Plvs Vltra
Mimicking the natural flow of the ocean with subtle touches across the superstructure, the collaboration between Tim Heywood and AMELS is fascinating as it stands, but takes a new form on Plvs Vltra. This 73.5-metre superyacht is sleek, sophisticated and boasts signature AMELS notes, with Heywood style and classic undertones with modern aesthetics.

There is no more subtle advancement across profile than Feadship’s Aquarius, with a myriad movements forward with numerous shapes and styles merged into one timeless profile. The 92-metre marvel is a sea-going giant with boundless elegance thanks to Sinot Yacht Design’s fresh take on tradition.

One of the most celebrated superyacht launches of recent times, the 2017 Jubilee stole the show at awards ceremonies and exhibitions thanks to the pristine profile, sharp style, huge stature and breathtaking finishing across the superstructure. Not only is the ice blue a nice touch, but Lobanov design has created a labyrinth of curves and convex shapes to give this 110-metre superyacht iconic status after one year on the water.

Quattroelle, the 88-metre superyacht launched by Lurssen yachts in 2012, is a bold step forward for large yacht design as her imposing stature becomes an all-encompassing style with modern timeless appeal. Nuvolari Lenard, the design studio responsible for the sweeping lines and powerful structure, took the idea of a standard ‘white hull’ yacht and created something entirely different.

These are just some of the key examples of evolution in traditional design, selected from first-hand experiences and discussions across the industry; however, we would love to hear your suggestions for a follow up feature, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here.

By Ben Roberts
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