Dick Van Lent On Market Demand At China Rendez-Vous

By Ben Roberts

Feadship have a reputation as one of the best and most innovative yacht builders in the world; however with the Asian market in early stages of development in the large yacht sector, we took the opportunity to sit down with CEO Dick Van Lent at the 2014 China Rendez-Vous to discuss Feadship's approach to establishing the brand in China.

"I see a great excitement amongst the Chinese, they’re very motivated, very energetic [and] we have sold one yacht at the show a year before," explains Dick van Lent, "so we’re very happy with the market in mainland China".

“Of course it’s a slow process, amongst the industry we have said we should not try to sell the yachts, but sell the lifestyle. If we do sell the lifestyle, educating people what you can do with a boat instead of cruising A to B, then we create our industry here and we create the market rather than focus on being one yard, selling one boat.”

With the recent launch of Como and a fleet of incredible yachts in their launch portfolio, Feadship are set to impress the yachting community furthermore with more exciting launches across this year and the next.

For more information on Feadship’s approach into the Asian market and the future projects in the yard, watch the above video.


By Ben Roberts
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