Dominator Ilumen Moves into 30m+ Market

By Anna Solomon

After the successful launch of the 28m Ilumen range, Dominator has taken the next step. The shipyard this week introduced the 36m and 38m Tri Deck Ilumen.

To ensure the pedigree of their builds, Dominator collaborates with top level industry experts. For the new models, the curator of interior design was Luca Catino, who put his quintessentially Italian spin on a palette of stunning materials, tones and textures. The balance between geometry, ergonomics and luxury - with those all important bespoke touches - make these models truly spectacular.

In the case of the 36m, the owner requested a bright environment, to which the team responded with light shades, lacquered surfaces and subtle plays of colour. The salon is enriched by a back wall, whilst an owner cabin in the bow features asymmetric upholstery.

The interiors of the 38m Tri Deck, meanwhile, feel the influence of a previous Ilumen – Cadet V. The tri-deck vessel features a similar colour scheme and overall ambience to her sistership, but feels simultaneously updated. There is a renewed cleanliness of the shapes, paired with rich materials such as Mutaforma mosaic adorning the back wall of the salon.

The new Dominator Ilumen models are upgraded in more ways than one. Large external surfaces guarantee a stronger connection with the environment, enhanced by the characteristic Ilumen moon roof which floods the owner’s cabin with natural light.

Special features also include a multi-functional beach platform which can be raised and used as a diving board or lowered into the water to provide easy access to the water. On the privately accessible bow terrace of the 36m Ilumen, an integrated jacuzzi ensures the megayacht experience whilst maintaining the convenience of the 36m format.

The range is also cutting-edge technologically. The hulls can come as a displacement and semi-displacement version, which means more living space and less noise and vibration. The choice of electric instead of hydraulic stabilizers for the 38m Tri Deck further improves comfort at anchor and during cruising.

Dominator also offers a high-tech construction in post-cured glass and carbon fiber mixed with epoxy resin. Further, every model has a double bottom with structural fuel tanks, which ensures a low barycenter and enhanced stability, safety and performance.

Every Dominator Ilumen is unique, defined by the imagination of her owner. Design, functionality and innovation are incorporated into a one-off masterpiece achieved though industry-leading engineering, and the two new models are no different.

By Anna Solomon
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