Drettmann-Sunrise Group: The New Superyacht Builders

By B. Roberts

A new group of yachting companies has emerged from Germany, Turkey and Monaco to bring together resources from three key yachting areas in order to produce high-quality, cost effective yacht building solutions – introducing The Drettman-Sunrise Group.

The Drettmann-Sunrise Group was founded by the initiative of Herbert P. Baum, the German businessman and yachtsman who co-founded Sunrise yachts. The shipyard is the brand-new powerhouse of yachting companies who are working toward rejuvenating the Drettmann brand – from a successful yacht marketing firm founded 40 years ago by the Drettmann family in Bremen, to what will now be a comprehensive yacht building company with operations in Germany and Turkey.

The brand, alongside an array of interesting new designs, is set to be launched at Boot Dusseldorf, Germany’s focal international boat show; taking place on January 22-30 2011. The trigger for the company was a comment from a prospective client at Sunrise Yachts during the economic downturn, delivered half-jokingly, saying “Build me a German-quality yacht at Turkish price, and I’ll be the happiest yachtsman in the world.”

The new concept quickly took flight when Herbert Baum and Guillaume Roche, founders of Sunrise Yachts, met with Claudia and Albert Drettmann, who had been advancing the family group for 20 years until the recent economic crisis forced them to file for insolvency in May this year.

Drettmann had been successfully marketing a number of brands, including the Bandido, Elegance and Premier lines built in major shipyards in Taiwan and were contributing to the growth of those companies for a number of years. Drettmann also operates a world-class manufacturing and refit facilities at its headquarters in Bremen.

The discussions which took place between the Drettmann family and Sunrise Yachts culminated in the serious decision to combine facilities, resources and expertise from Germany and Turkey to re-launch the Drettmann brand as a competitive and alternative superyacht builder.

Drettman Yachts will be a new name in the superyacht industry and plan on launching their new line of superyachts at the Boot Dusseldorf Yacht Show. The new line includes semi-displacement motor yacht models ranging from 20-37m, an Explorer yacht range built in steel and ranging from 27-37+m alongside a line of Drettman Superyachts designed by Espen Oeino measuring 46m to 65m.

Sunrise Yachts previously constructed the 45m superyacht Africa in 2009 at their Antalya Shipyard in Turkey. Featuring a custom exterior styling from Studio Scanu and an interior design from Franck Darnet, Superyacht Africa stands testament to the promised construction quality of Drettman-Sunrise.

The new Drettmann Yachts concept promises to make a yachtsman’s dream come true: bringing design, engineering, project management, quality control and interior outfitting from Northern Europe together with Turkey’s skilled and competitive workforce to offer yachts of uncompromising quality at a price level compatible with current market trends.

By B. Roberts
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