Dubai Boat Show: An Exhibitors Perspective

By Christina Tsangaris

With the Dubai International Boat Show 2017 expected to be bigger than ever, we gain an insight first-hand from the exhibitors who’s testimonials highlight DIBS as an eagerly anticipated event on the annual yachting calendar.

Sara Gioanola of Heesen Yachts begins by reflecting on the success of Dubai International Boat Show 2016, stating, “Last year our 47m displacement Asya was the largest new superyacht on display and we really enjoyed having the chance to show what the Heesen quality is. The Dubai boat show is the most important show of the region and we are proud to be exhibiting here.”

Paris Baloumis of Oceanco went on to further commend those involved suggesting, “The show itself—which is in its 25th year— is very well organized. We are happy to have the support from the team and His Excellency Saeed Harib, Secretary General of Dubai Sports Council, Vice President and Chairman of Dubai International Marine Club – Mina Seyahi, and Senior Advisor to the Dubai International Boat Show.”

From an exhibitor's perspective, then, the show goes above and beyond to present a meticullously organised event, but what does it mean to the area, and all those involved?

Ron Nugent of Wesport shares his thoughts on the value Dubai International Boat Show’s adds to the region “It’s a great show, well organised, the flow works lots of yachts on display, I always compare it to MYS for that region - Singapore does it for Asia - and these three shows capture what you need in that region - the show is very positive, lot of interest and from Westport standpoint branding.”

Erwin Bamps of Gulf Craft reinstates Dubai’s importance to the yachting industry and how it remains an epicentre of innovation; “Dubai is a hub for many different businesses, and is a transit for different people. In terms of its geographical location, DIBS is the best boat show to showcase what the yachting culture is about in the Middle East. It’s not only a reflection of what is happening in the regional yachting market, but has also become a trendsetting event.”

He further stated how the show grows each year, creating an increasinly busy environment with an exciting and ever-changing feel, “We have our largest ever line up at the show, to say that after 25 years of existence is quite a statement to make... I’d say if you were looking at the calendar of yachting events and exhibitions and look at anything outside USA and EU, there are few that you would call matured and established from far east to middle, the Dubai Boat Show stand out as a not to miss event.”

Some of the largest yachts in the world are those owned by Middle Eastern owners, and we’re looking forward to delivering the news as it emerges from one of the most renowned luxury hubs of the world.

By Christina Tsangaris