Dubois & Royal Huisman Unveil "The Beast"

By Ben Roberts

Dubois Naval Architects and Royal Huisman have been appointed to interpret an exciting owner’s brief for what can only be described as a high performance, edgy and innovative 58m/190ft sloop. The design is new in every sense of the word and will embody the past experience of both designer and yard, whilst encouraging advances in all the disciplines required to design and build a yacht of such stature.

The result is a dramatic sheer line and sculpted bow that offers innovative lines combined with seaworthiness, while a moulded glass superstructure and crisp stern shape add further to the look of what is an inherently progressive design. The slender, easily driven hull form will be refined with extensive tank testing due to start in September at the Wolfson Unit in Southampton, UK, using a very large 6m/20ft model.

“The bigger the model, the more accurate the results, because you can scale everything except the viscosity of water,” says Dubois. “Our aim is to reduce the wetted surface to minimise drag, while still retaining good stability. The hull lines will be finalised by November following the results of the tank tests.”

CFD analysis of a high-span lifting keel and the configuration of the carbon fibre rudder arrangement is also under way. A 71m/233ft mast by Rondal (like the hatches and reel winches), high-aspect sail plan and a powerful square-top mainsail – “the most efficient sail plan we can devise for this size of yacht” – will add the final measure of horsepower that will be tamed by twin helm stations, notable for Royal Huisman’s ability to engineer these without power assistance.

To watch a discussion with Ed Dubois on 'The Beast' at the Monaco Yacht Show, click here.

By Ben Roberts