Ecce Navigo: Luxury Charter, The Turkish Way

By Ben Roberts

Latin for "Here I Sail", Ecce Navigo is one of the most traditional and luxurious voyages charter guests will have the pleasure of experiencing. Classically styled and with a dedicated captian and crew, this ionic superyacht offers an extremely Turkish feel after setting forth from Gocek abound on a number of exciting itineraries.

Journey North from the picturesque harbour town of Gocek and you will find yourself experiencing barefoot luxury, world-class facilities, service and cuisine on your way to stunning areas such as Marmaris and Fethiye.

However, should the whim strike you, you could always venture South and wander the ancient streets of Letoon, lunch in Patara and dinner in Xantos before heading over to Kekova and waking up to the idyllic island surroundings.

Ecce Navigo is an option all families, group parties and individuals should consider for charter, given her relaxed take on the water, child minded crew for parents, open exterior areas for lazing in the sun and open opportunities for snorkelling, skiing, canoeing, hiking and gourmet food for those that like to take life a little slower.

This 10 berth schooner is a new and exciting way to escape the world and reach the crystalline blue waters of Turkey, in a traditional style. Click here for more information on chartering Ecce Navigo.

By Ben Roberts