Ed Sacks On The Legacy And Future Of Baglietto

By Ben Roberts

After being appointed Vice President of Baglietto in June this year, Ed Sacks announced his position to us at the Breaking News Centre at the Monaco Yacht Show with Raffaella Daino – Communication and Marketing Manager of Baglietto. Now, with new projects under construction and a renewed take on the yard’s expansion, we take a look at the exciting future ahead of the Baglietto shipyard.

Baglietto is one of the oldest shipyards in Italy, and after Mr Beniamino Gavio purchased the La Spezia facility in 2012, the Baglietto Group is going through a phase of renewed change thanks to a surge in energy from the management structure.

With a passionate and forward-thinking owner, Ed Sacks explains to us how he was brought on board and what exciting new movements the yard is undergoing.

“[Beniamino Gavio] has already invested over 35 million euro," explains Ed Sacks, "and I think that he aspires each time he goes to La Spezia to have more stuff going on. I think that Beniamino aspires to acquire all real estate between La Spezia and Genoa – at least it seems that way some times – we’ve just delivered our first boat from the new Baglietto. We have four yachts under construction, until a month ago it was five […] You asked me what the difference is and it’s Beniamino Gavio.”

The projects underway at Baglietto are a 46m sistership to the yard’s latest delivery, a 54m displacement yacht under construction which is sold, a 40m Fast which is sold and a 46m Fast. The Italian yard has also begun cutting steel and after the first part of 2015 will begin looking at a 62 metre.

The history of Baglietto is a more of a legend than chronological list of yachts, with yachts built for every kind of owner - from the Pope to Peter Sellers – as well as aircraft for the Italian military. This Italian yard is waiting to christen their 160th year anniversary and will undoubtedly continue onward with renewed strength thanks to their tour de force of board members all the way down to skilled craftsmen.

By Ben Roberts