Episode Eight 'Giving Back' From Top 100: Building Green Giants Launches

By Heather Collier

After much anticipation, the eighth and final episode of the documentary series 'Top 100: Building Green Giants' has now launched on Superyachts.com.

Perhaps superyachts will never be truly eco-friendly; their sheer size makes them hard to defend, but the industry is increasingly mindful of its image and is taking extra steps in making sure it gives back.

In this episode, we provide an insight into how vital charitable organisations such as the Blue Marine Foundation are putting the wheels in motion for change by creating awareness on ocean preservation through support offered by the industry. 

Dedicated to creating marine reserves, we learn of the charity’s initiatives and how they are directly supported by the superyacht community. We also learn about the positive impact donations from superyacht owners can have, and their willingness to help and make a difference.

By exploring the foundation’s work, which is already supported by some of the Top 100’s biggest names, we close the series with the message that the superyacht industry is committed to giving back to help save our seas.

Watch the full episode here.

By Heather Collier