Erdevicki to Modernise 125ft Explorer Yacht

By Paul Joseph

Canadian yacht designers Erdevicki have been commissioned to undergo a substantial modernisation of a 125ft explorer trawler-type vessel

The brief is to minimise any structural changes to the vessel’s hull and accommodation whilst updating the exterior look of the boat

Once complete, the new design will incorporate modern lines and curves to soften the ‘trawler’ appearance of the superstructure and clean up the clattered look of the hull. Although retaining the original shear lines, the bulwark has received a tumblehome form, whilst the hull sides, split horizontally in two levels before, are now integrated into one smooth plane, main and upper decks joined by panoramic windows and stylish grilles in the passageways.

The original portholes are retained with the six mid-hull enlarged to an ovoid shape for more light below, whilst the classic vertical oblong windows on the main deck are integrated into one panoramic unit, which will let in more natural light and offer better panoramic views. The aft salon windows on the main deck have undergone the same treatment.

This yacht retains its capacity to accommodate 11 guests in one master suit and four double guest cabins, plus a crew of 7

Ivan Erdevicki Naval Architecture & Yacht Design, Inc. is a design and naval architecture practice based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

By Paul Joseph