Espen Oeino on the ultra-fast 38m Superyacht and the 140m Victory project

By B. Roberts

Espen Oeino, designer of magnificent superyachts such as RoMa and Northern Star, will this week unveil plans for his 38m superyacht project with Danish Yachts; the fastest superyacht in the world in its class.

Espen Oeino is one of the most respected and prolific designers in the superyacht industry. With a 140m design only just beginning construction, he has unveiled his new 38m design this week, in collaboration with Danish Yachts.

Espen Oeino commented on then 140m superyacht Victory project, saying, “we started cutting steel a couple of weeks ago, it’s a very ambitious project as it’s a ship more than a yacht but its retained all of the proportions and the detailing, it’ll be a complete superyacht. There’s no doubt about it, it’s a yacht that has it all”.

However, the sleek and sporty 38m model, dubbed project 116, has been unveiled this week under the name of Light Fantastic. Designed to provide an ultimate speed with a minimal negative impact on the environment through high-grade materials. The Light Fantastic is an AeroCruiser 38, capable of reaching an astonishing cruising speed of 50 knots to a range of 900nm through two diesel engines.

This sporty superyacht could very well bring about a new popularity in combining astonishing speed, stunning design and impressive size, backed by an award winning and revered superyacht designer.

By B. Roberts