European Build Domination with Heesen Yachts

By Christina Tsangaris

From their signature M/Y Home, to their new project partnership stealing the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show spotlight, nothing captures European sensibility more than Dutch build-giant, Heesen Yachts. Joined by Thom Conboy, Director of Sales for North America, Mexico, Bahamas and Caribbean at Heesen Yachts, and Mark Cavendish, Sales and Marketing Director of Heesen Yachts, we discuss why American clients look toward Heesen for new-build and the long-awaited largest vessel ever to be built on their drawing board.

M/Y Home, the epitome of home comfort with the striking beauty of a stallion at sea, reflects Heesen's unabiding commitment to quality in both aesthetic and sustainability and took the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show by storm.

The fast displacement hull form; light-weight and efficient, ticks off this vessel as a "first" for the Dutch delegates. "She's the first fast displacement yacht with a hybrid propulsion system" states Mark Cavendish, Sales and Marketing Director of Heesen Yachts. Hybrid mode offers smooth, sleek and silent running- "It is like being at Anchor but sailing through the water at 10 knots!"  incomparable for a boat of this size. 

Discussing the economic factors contributing to turning American buyers to Europe for new build, more specifically, to Heesen Yachts, Thom Conboy, Director of Sales for North America, Mexico, Bahamas and Caribbean, shares his perspective on the topic on everyone's lips.

“There's a lot of contributing factors including lack of build sites in the U.S"  adds Mark Cavendish, explaining the American buyers, faithfully devoted to Heesen for their European new-build. Thom Conboy continues; "The Euro has been very favourable for American buyers, the quality in Northern Europe, especially in Holland, is considered to be top tier." 

How Heesen distinguishes themselves across the European sector? "organisation and quality of construction" reliability and credibility shining through across their quick and efficient production delivered in an obsequious manner. 

Does size matter for the American clients? For Heesen, the answer is yes. Bigger, better, bolder couldn't be truer for Heesen Yacht's American clientele."I think it's a natural progression for most owners. As you grow in life, your boats get bigger." Mark Cavendish continues.  "Certainly we've noticed it. Today we're not building one boat under 50-metres."

On drawing board there are many exciting projects, one is Heesen's collaboration on a new 66-metre with British Talent, Winch Design; "on a very sleek and very cool yacht." Project Avanti. The other, ultra-innovation with designer Clifford Denn on colossal 83-metre Project Maximus- unlike anything thus far, a completely different concept; playing with layout and structure in an ostentatious, clever and highly unique manner.

"We've put all of the owner's accommodation on the top deck, so the owner has a huge open deck space and living space." shares Mark Cavendish. What we can only imagine being melting red sunsets pouring into the owner's suite at sundown- quite the idea of heaven.

When it comes to their big announcements, their largest boat to date will be announced in early December, and will remain, of course; visionary.

By Christina Tsangaris
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