EVE Wi-Fi: Superyacht Internet Access Without Limits

By B. Roberts

Luxury superyachts grant you the power to go anywhere and live a life unconnected to the stresses of the outside world. However, for those who prefer to keep their fingers on the pulse, the EVE Wi-Fi system can keep you connected anywhere in the world during a blissful cruise.

With the EVE device from Monaco based company Business Computing, you can monitor all internet connections available on board in a single click with any Wi-Fi equipped device, i.e. an iPhone or a laptop. The EVE device is a universal gateway, offering a connection anywhere around the world and at anytime.

Superyachts that hold internet access usually use Fleet Broadband, allowing access for when the vessel is at sea. However EVE offers use of all types of connection, from ADSL – 3G and Wi-Fi for connecting on the coast or in the marina whilst using various other connections to gain access whilst traversing the oceans.

A superyacht that already holds the EVE Wi-Fi device is the 56m Benetti built Galaxy, designed by Stefano Natucci. M/Y Galaxy is currently offering the charter of a lifetime as a high quality luxury superyacht holding unbarred internet access for those who need to stay connected.

The benefits of possessing a fast internet connection on a superyacht are many; phone conversations via voice over internet protocol, cost control and the ability to monitor an entire fleet from a captain’s point of view. EVE is unrestricted, offering a ‘real’ internet connection without limitations, allowing access to services such as corporate VPN applications like Skype and MSN Messenger.

Designed on a Linux Platform EVE is stable and reliable, less inclined to infection by bugs or viruses. The EVE Wi-Fi System holds many benefits such as a fully manageable and totally customisable web interface, hot spot capabilities and takes up minimal power and space.

The digital era has made the internet an essential tool to have no matter where you are, EVE has taken this notion and given you the power to access your e-mails whilst cruising across the farthest reaches of the world.

By B. Roberts
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