Evolving The Digital Yachting Platform With Y.CO ONLINE

By Ben Roberts

Y.CO, the challenger brand of the superyacht industry, has launched a new online presence under the y.co url. Y.CO ONLINE is an all-immersive, interactive experience packed with dynamic new content.

Recognised in the industry as a leader in innovation and technology, the new Y.CO ONLINE arm cements the company’s position as a pioneer in digital marketing. Y.CO ONLINE is optimised to provide the best online experience on all platforms, from mobile devices to Apple’s latest 5K retina display, and supports all forms of media in full screen.

With Stage 1 complete, over the next two months WWW.Y.CO will be further developed to include an extended selection of yachts, a destinations section with links to yachts available for charter in each area, and dynamic charter itineraries that will showcase the cruising possibilities within destinations during different seasons.

WWW.Y.CO has been developed on a modern, responsive single-page application, with dynamic information able to be displayed instantly through a purpose-built API. A bespoke content management system enables every yacht on the platform to be constantly updated in real time. Y.CO ONLINE is localised for different markets and supports a wide range of languages, enabling the optimum browsing experience from anywhere in the world for all users.

In 2013, Y.CO became the first luxury brand to acquire a single letter domain name, WWW.Y.CO. Reinforcing the company’s position as a globally recognised innovator brand, not only in the superyacht industry but across the luxury industry, the new domain aligned Y.CO with Google (WWW.G.CO), Amazon (WWW.A.CO) and Twitter (WWW.T.CO). Alongside these established global digital leaders, Y.CO is one of a select group of companies in the world to have successfully acquired a single letter .co domain. Since launch, the new URL has enhanced the brand recognition of Y.CO as well as enabling the company to more effectively engage with Clients.

Y.CO CEO Charlie Birkett said: “We are very excited to launch the game-changing new Y.CO ONLINE. To engage effectively with our ever-evolving Client base, it is essential for Y.CO communications to be at the forefront of technology. Through the new Y.CO ONLINE, we are proud to offer new and existing Clients a unique insight into the yachting lifestyle - the way we do it, and the way it should be done.”

Y.CO Creative Director Callum Peden said: “The new Y.CO ONLINE has been built around a long-term vision encompassing a more digital approach to yachting. The system will continue to be developed utilising the most advanced technological innovations available, and will be constantly updated with new dynamic content to reflect the needs of our Clients worldwide.”

By Ben Roberts