Exclusive Insight into 110m Megayacht Project CenturyX

By Jenna Mehdi

It is any designer’s dream to have complete control over every aspect of their brainchild. Carl Esch of Castlemain Yachts has made that dream a reality. We spoke with Carl to learn more about the intriguing ‘design consultancy’ he has built off the back of 35 years’ experience in the yachting industry, culminating in Castlemain's most recent, largest and 'sexiest' project yet; the formidable 110m Century X. Combining the superyacht building prowess of Fincantieri, the marketing excellence of Ocean Independence and exquisite design by Castlemain Yachts and T. Fotiadis Design, Century X is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Castlemain Yachts is more than just a team of talented designers working together to conceive innovative new projects in the hope of filling a particular niche. ‘We conceive the initial design for our projects together with our exterior designers and with a very clear vision of what we want,’ Carl explains. ‘Then we look to our network of shipyards and brokers for some commercial input, and the project has evolved to what you see today.’

Italian megayacht builder Fincantieri has been selected for the build of Century X, in part due to the success of previous collaborations between the two namely on the Griffin Series but also largely due to Fincantieri’s sizable 110m technical platform.

So what was Carl’s ‘very clear vision’ for CenturyX? Simply put, he tells us, ‘we wanted to present a sexy looking yacht, in this case created together with our lead exterior designer Christopher Seymour’. This is the particular approach championed by Castlemain; rather than cater a superyacht’s exterior to specific interior features and compromise on all-important looks, Carl and his team usually prefer to first focus on the yacht’s exterior styling and then work inwards.

The result is a sleek and streamlined profile; a unique look to achieve on a megayacht of this size. ‘As with a boat and a car, love always starts with the outside,’ Carl laughs. ‘The same goes for with people too!’

‘When people design around interior features, you often end up compromising on the exterior looks. And there is so much you can do with a 110m boat… The Owner of CenturyX will be able to enjoy all of her interiors, without having any unused spaces onboard.’ 

And with 3000 square metres of onboard space and 1400 square metres dedicated solely to Owner and their guests, there is much to enjoy when it comes to the elegant interiors of CenturyX. Styled and designed by Berlin-based studio T. Fotiadis Design, this 110m superyacht’s interior spaces strike the perfect balance between calming and vibrant. Highlights of bright furnishings and gold art pieces disrupt the tranquil aura instilled by rich, plush materials and vast open spaces. T. Fotiadis has ensured guests are still able to enjoy intimate and cosy spaces, and with an ultra-decadent full beam Owner’s suite, every measure of luxury is guaranteed.

‘We chose Theodoros because he has a very unique approach, a certain style which is a bit different and very elegant,’ says Carl. ‘It’s a spectacular yacht and it deserves a very special interior.’

CenturyX’s highlights include a large beach club, several pools so as to ensure guests can use different facilities to the Owners, and plenty of exterior space. ‘It’s striking the right balance between interior and exterior space, but keeping that intimate element at her size,’ says Carl of the design logic behind the project.

But developing CenturyX to the fully fledged, brokerage-ready project she is today was no brief venture. Yacht consultant and broker of choice Ocean Independence closely collaborated on the yacht’s amenities and features, drawing on the latest market trends to ensure CenturyX is ready to fulfil her visionary Owner’s every want and need.

"The Owner of CenturyX will be able to enjoy all of her interiors, without having any unused spaces onboard."

Carl Esch, Design Consultant


"The Owner of CenturyX will be able to enjoy all of her interiors, without having any unused spaces onboard."

Carl Esch, Design Consultant
By Jenna Mehdi
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